Squires (9-12)

Building Tomorrows Leaders

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Q – What is Squires?

A – Squires is a program for boys not yet old enough to join DeMolay.

Q – What are the ages to join Squires?

A – 9-12

Q – Is Squires considered DeMolay junior?

A – To a certain extent, yes. Squires have their own form of professional meetings. This is to create a good foundation so that when they are old enough to join DeMolay, the transition is seamless.

Q – Are the requirements the same as DeMolay?

A – Yes

Q – How is Squires structured?

A – Squires is structure similar to DeMolay, but the meeting ceremony is completely their own. Most of the time the Squires Manor meet before a DeMolay Chapter meets. Also, a Squire will be supervised by a trained Advisor at all times.

Q – What does Squires teach?

A – Squires teaches justice, truth, and wisdom, while having fun.


Louis G. Lower Manor

Sponsored by Nelson J. Briggs Chapter

2nd & 4th Wednesday – 6:30 PM